After a series of deaths in the family, Michael Deni left his hometown in New Jersey and ended up in San Francisco. Finding a synthesizer on the street, he bagan turning tragedy in his life into the songs that would shape him as Geographer. Fast forward to the now, he has sold out the legendary Filmore in his adoptive city, and played sold out shows all over America. He’s about to release his new EP, Alone Time, on 13th April, and from it is the single Read My Mind. It’s engaging and attractive synth-pop, Deni’s vocal draped over layers of synth-lines, some icy and some warm, but all adding colour and feeling to the track.

To accompany it, Deni has released a video, about which he says “For this video, I got David Dutton, the mastermind behind and director of the “Kites” video. He really connected with the main theme, of two people who love each other just not being able to treat each other well, because of always misinterpreting what the other says, or not being able to properly explain their thoughts and feelings. That’s one of the toughest things to do. Most people feel pretty positively towards each other, especially when they’re in love, and generally, the purity of love and respect that people have for each other becomes a casualty of the gauntlet of insecurity and uncertainty that their thoughts and feelings go through from their heart to their mouth. I think David illustrated this idea so poignantly, and Frankie Tan and Tristan Sean Grimm’s choreography is breathtaking.”

Check it out, here

‘Alone Time’ EP Out 13th April