See: Veda Rays drop lyric video for ‘Strange Anniversary’

The two band members of Veda Rays
Credit: Steve Pierce

Brooklyn based Veda Rays have released a lyric video for the track ‘Strange Anniversary‘ which is taken from their current album Crucial Fictions. Is it ok to say that this is my favourite track from the album? Full of delicious Echo and Bunnymen style layers, it has a quirky angular dance quality but with shifts in pace and bursts of energy which feel like injections of adrenalin.  The vocals of James Stark weave like an additional insturment.  Synth pop but with a dark twist this is pulsating track.

The lyric video is a psychedelic work of art. Looking like a forest at night with purple and dark pink branches and trunks the lyrics are overlain. There is also a layer which seems to be a soft focus encapsulation of the beat of the drum. When the chorus is sung, a statue moves forward and back in the frame and as the track progresses and slowly builds in emotion, the screen is filled with ever more complex patterns adding to the sense of drama in ‘Strange Anniversary’. In the final minute the video returns to just the dark forest with a layer of sparkling lights and as the track draws to its conclusion we are left with the view of a long room and a door at the end. Very intriguing.

Veda Rays are James Stark (Vocals, guitar, bass, electronics, keys/synths, treatments, programming), and Maria Joanna Bohemia (Keys, Synths, Samples) with Jason Gates contributing on this album (Drums, electronics, treatments, samples). Veda Rays third album Crucial Frictions is out now. 
For more information please see their bandcamp, website and facebook.

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