Premiere: Naz and Ella release the brilliant No (Doesn’t Mean Convince Me); take a first listen here

Photo Credit: Poppy Marriott

Taken from their forthcoming EP (DE)HUMANISE, Naz and Ella have released a new track ‘No (Doesn’t mean convince me)’§, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia this morning.

It’s a dark pop song about the normalisation of sexual harassment that women receive, “There’s a level of politeness expected, particularly of women, on the receiving end of sexual harassment,” says Naz. “If you don’t follow those rules, you quickly go from being sexually appealing to being demonised, which can potentially put your safety at risk. This song is about not tolerating that behaviour and taking your power back.”

“No one should feel worried about or expect harassment during a night out,” says Ella. “No matter how you say it, no means no, and it shouldn’t be seen as playing hard to get.”

There’s a certain ominous feeling about the track, built on this repeating hook, and joined by beautiful harmonised vocals, splashes of synth and this tumbling guitar solo. More than that though, there’s an incredibly important message, forcefully put, but wrapped up in this tension filled but ultimately incredibly melodic track.

Check it out, here

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