New Zealand trio Mermaidens have just released their recent track I Might Disappear from 3rd full length record Look me in the eye. A female focused record in the style of Warpaint and the Queen herself PJ Harvey.
Uniquely the band have two front woman and each have an equal share in the creative process bringing both their perspectives and exploring subjects like human relationships and power dynamics.
With chorus drenched guitars its very 90’s and reminded me of Elastica without the hard edge. It’s bouncy and light which mask the lyrics somewhat, but these guys write important messages. Messages about female collaboration and relationships.

First single in I Might Disappear falls into this with its take on the dread of opening up in relationships and hoping that doesn’t push the other person away. Something we need more of in this world. They might not be the power house of PJ Harvey during her, Songs From the City Songs From the Sea days, but they show promise.

New album Look Me in the Eye is out via Flying Nun Records 6th September