Track: Talay – I Hope Your Band Goes Nowhere

With the second single being released from the upcoming self titled EP, this release titled ‘I Hope Your Band Goes Nowhere’ shows off a new side to Talay, one which quite frankly you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. There’s a great level of confidence here and a wonderful f**k you attitude throughout both lyrically and musically which combine together to make it an upbeat song in its own right where the central character knows they’re better and better off without whoever put them in this state.

Best played loud, seriously, it has a unique delivery where it’s more a case of attitude as opposed to aggression and is brilliantly presented through distortion effects on guitar and vocals and the grunge style it’s presented in also goes nicely with the previous single and the throwbacks to the styles of the late 90’s/early 00’s for the rock genre.

Check out the track on the link below on Bandcamp


With the second release being just as strong as the first (although I’m personally falling on the side of this release being just that bit stronger) this certainly builds anticipation for the full EP release which isn’t too far away. Recently I also got the chance to chat with Talay about the upcoming EP so be sure to check that out too – Meet: Talay Interview – Backseat Mafia


For more on Talay check out the links below and if you’re in New York or Philadelphia over the next few weeks check out the live dates as well:

Download ‘PARENTS’ HOUSE’ on iTunes:

Listen on Spotify:

Connect with Talay:


4/28: New York, NY @ Greenpoint Gallery
4/30: Pleasantville, NY @ Lucy’s Lounge
5/2: Philadelphia, PA @ Raven Lounge (solo set)
5/3: New Hope, PA @ Havana (solo set)
5/5: Philadelphia, PA @ Headhouse Cafe (solo set)
5/5: Philadelphia, PA @ Tralfamadore (good how are you fest)
5/31: Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville (EP release show)
6/2: New York, NY @ Shrine World Music Venue
6/22: Brooklyn, NY @ The Way Station
6/30: New Paltz, NY @ Snuggs
7/1: Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live downstairs
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