EP: Margot – Margotzeko

The debut EP from South London’s Margot is a breathtaking, mesmerising and epic release. There is a sound of The Smiths and Gene updated for the new era – modern themes with a precious genetic code of guitar-driven indie pop.

The first track, the single ‘Man Love’, sets the tone: jangling, crisp, reverb-soaked guitars that would make Johnny Marr aficionados swoon, gorgeous layered melodies and a sweeping chorus. This is one of the releases of the month and raises the bar for the rest of the year:

Singer Alex Hannaway says of the single that it explores the issue of toxic masculinity:

I was trying to be honest about my relationship with masculinity. There are things that are inherent in me that I don’t like and neither does my partner and I suppose I’m trying to address these openly and honestly.

The rest of the EP maintains this very strong start – lyrically intelligent, articulate dreamy instrumentation. ‘Taken By Age’ is a gentle reflection of the inexorable passage of time and memory, dappled by the most delightful splashes of guitar and the soft, expressive vocals.

‘In Your Palm’ is a slow burning reverie with an acoustic bedrock punctuated by the distinctive shards of guitar. Brilliant, endearing stuff.

Margot is frontman Alex Hannaway, alongside Alby Cleghorn (guitar), Rob Fenner (guitar/keyboards), Michael Webb (bass) and Ben Andrewes (drums).

Track list for Margotzeko, out on 7 February, is:

  1. Man Love
  2. Taken By Age
  3. Waltz
  4. 4. In Your Palm

On 7 February 2020, the band headline Paper Dress Vintage, Hackney details available here.

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