Track: Adelaide’s NO NO NO NO NO Releases the fuzzy, gritty ‘Sharksfin’

Adelaide pop core band NO NO NO NO NO, along with a brilliant name, have delivered a chockfull gritty new single titled ‘Sharksfin’. Arrayed with fuzz and polyphonous entities, its modern sensitivities embolden a new resolute energy with emphasis on emotional weight.

NO NO NO NO NO, abbreviated as NX5, convey their inexorable strengths through a four-minute onslaught of grinding guitars and rapacious drums. The song’s intensity is amplified beyond the chaotic wall of sound and made abstruse with the lyrical depth from front man Luke Shaw, who comments that the song’s subject is open to interpretation from a dark mindset.

‘Sharksfin’ was written about something horrible that happened to me,” says Shaw. “I was thinking about how I felt sitting in my car that night with police lights illuminating the rain on the windshield, noticing how the bit of window that neither of the wipers were able to reach looked like a circling shark. It was an odd, childlike thought to be having at that specific moment considering the situation I was in.

Having caught the attention of triple j’s host Josh Merriel, as well as Eamon Sandwith from The Chats and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte, NX5’s unique and provocative sound is one sure-fire cause for conversation. Balanced between callous metal and inebriating pop punk, ‘Sharksfin’ is a sweltering assault of heaviness and ferocity, rivetted with sentiment and vitality.

‘Sharksfin’ is available now. Stream here or download through the link below:

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