Track: Pretty Sister – Drive

As I look out of the window here in Sheffield, right now, it’s cold. Very cold. Windy too, with a storm named after a girl coming to deliver 80mph winds. However, Zak Waters, aka Pretty Sister has laid the sunshine on so thick, I could run around in my trunks out there. Almost.

You might know the voice, it was Waters that featured on Adventure Club’s ‘Fade’, and his cover of Ginuine’s Pony has clocked up 4 million plays on Spotify. The LA singer has infused his slick RnB with tales of his hometown, saying “I wrote this song from the perspective of someone who just moved here. Although i’m from LA, i did spend a two-year stint from age 13-15 in Toronto. I’ll never forget coming back here, smelling the smog and seeing the hazy sunsets over the 405. So when writing the song i thought about what must it be like to have just moved here from Michigan or New York or Detroit? Driving through laurel canyon with the palm trees and then sun and the warmth…the feeling of endless possibility and beautiful people all around you…it must be pretty exciting. I grew up in it and shit, it still excites me every day!”

It has this wonky, woozy feel about the song through the verse, but its crystal clear into the chorus, this bass styling it out on the funk, as the beat comes in and Waters sassy pop/RnB vocals (anyone else thing there’s a dash of Timberlake in there?) soar all over it, backed up by the silky sweet vocal harmonies. Damn it, where’s me swimming gear – I’m off out there.

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