Track: Snow In Mexico – Juno Beach

Out this week on Saint Marie Records is the new, third, EP from Italian electronic duo Snow In Mexico, aka Andrea Novelli and Massimiliano Cruciani. Titled Juno Beach, it sits somewhere between the perfect electronic pop of the Pet Shop Boys, with nuances of Indie Pop and M83 somewhere along the way. Think a more expansive and poppier version of The Radio Dept and you’re getting somewhere close.

Opening with The Call, built around a telephone call conversation (you know, that 90s, Orb-like thing) it has this gently undulating synth sound, with melodic fragments built in, over a standard backbeat as it winds the listener up into a (albeit relaxed) hypnotic state. Its the addition of the bassline that really adds the warmth to the track though, soon backed up with these heavily disguised guitar chords.

The follow on, title track Juno Beach, is similar. Warm and instantly gratifying, it shows that Snow in Mexico are comparitive masters at their craft, building electronic music that can move you, this sometimes joyous, sometimes melancholy melodic mastery they seem to have at the tips of their fingers. Its unequivocally gorgeous.

Sunshine is similarly beautiful – a hazy, echoey, mash of almost psychedelic electronic soul, with the kind of chorus (and indeed melody in general) that most bands would literally kill for. and they back up what has to be one of the EPs of the year with closer Gentle Rain. If you aren’t moved by this affecting, lovely EP, then there’s something wrong in your world. The definition of dream pop.

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