Exclusive Mix: Sebastian Melmoth Datacast

In a shameless bid of self promotion, I thought it would be a good idea to share with avid Backseat Mafia readers an exclusive mix Sebastian Melmoth prepared for a French sound art collective last month. DotData is a small itinerant net label based in Rennes and Paris. Their visual aesthetic blends monochromatic dream sequences with digital glitch logic. (You’ll be able to catch the collective perform an audio-visual set, under the guise of UVB 76, in Leeds early next year.) The talent they promote and foster is of an extremely high standard: experimental, noise and ambient artists from across the globe fuse disparate strands of energy into intense mixes that often extend beyond the feature-length mark. Our mix is the first of a triptych, which will also include work by Distel (The Netherlands) and AIR LQD (Belgium). This experience is for deep listening in the dark. Enjoy.

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