Premiere: Keep Calm Stay Home reveal the lush electronica of ‘A Theme For…’

Keep Calm Stay Home is the current moniker of London based composer Oli Morgan, a man who’s worked with the likes of Seal, Bastille, Gregory Porter, Princess Nokia, Venom and more as a mastering specialist at Abbey Road studios. Lockdown left Morgan with plenty of time to express his own creativity, and his first EP, ‘A Theme For…’ is due out this year via the GIVE/TAKE label, and from it, we’re delighted to premiere the title track right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the project, Morgan says “Lockdown made me realise that I am lucky to have a home I feel safe in, a career that allows me to pay rent and buy food. I have no pre-existing conditions, I’m not at risk,” before continuing, “When I take stock of all those things, it leaves me with an incredible feeling of clarity I have seldom felt in my life. I am no longer distracted by the past, anxious about the future or pressured to be in the present. I just am.”

A Theme For… see’s synths and bass bleeding into eachother, a wash of electronic sound and melancholy chords, before it awakens into something akin to Massive Attack, the 90’s sound chiming and stuttering throughout, as little melodic fragments cascade over the top of everything, their hypnotic figures giving everything this gorgeous, numbing, head-nodding feel.

Check it out, here

keep calm stay home’s debut EP, A Theme For… is due 2021 via GIVE/TAKE.

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