Track: DJINN release details of new album; hear ‘Love Divine’


AN AMALGAM of Goat and Hills members, two of the multitude of unique, almost fantastical Swedish psych bands, DJINN recently released a new track “Love Divine”, which features on upcoming album Transmission.

This follows swift consecutive releases: their self-titled album in 2019 and the Avant de Servir cassette, released on Swedish label Zeon Recordings last year – both proving, like the supernatural deities their name references, to be mysterious, incredibly kaleidoscopic forces, transcending not only the vast genres they incorporate, but also their already complex former outfits.

DJINN have ubiquitously traversed genres that would assumedly seem like chasms to cross with ease and a graceful exuberance, leaning into a greater jazz sound than they had with Goat and Hills, alongside the heady mix of krautrock, Middle Eastern influences, and more.

With “Love Divine” their nuanced, cosmically charged, and transcendental jazz continues anew, with a soothing instrumental introduction. The track sees a steady accumulation of mellifluous flute, gliding river-like across a superb bass arrangement and spiritually ringing chimes, as tribal percussion creates mantric rhythms. Utterly tranquil, emotive vocals, like mystical incantations, enshrouds it in a further layer of serene meditativeness.

DJINN’s forthcoming LP Transmission extends their sonic universe to even more eclectic realms, moulding the sounds of Popul Vuh; the myriad Swedish underground acts of their lineage, and a bounty of other influences. Yet they remain significantly distinct from any such influences, the result always- unequivocally- occupies mercurial soundworlds only DJINN could summon.

The album is confirmation that the destination of DJINN is one as mysterious as the band themselves, but their journey has only just begun and their infinitely shifting transmissions are set to reverberate across every dimension.

Rocket Recordings will release Transmission on March 26th, with pre-orders being taken for the limited-edition LP today as part of Bandcamp Friday.

Limited to just 400 copies, the coloured vinyl comes with a download code that also contains, as a bonus, the Avant De Servir EP. Click here to pre-order. See album artwork and the tracklisting below.

Transmission, DJINN

Transmission tracklist:

  1. Sun Ooze
  2. Creator of Creation
  3. Transmission
  4. Nights with Kurupi
  5. Jaguar
  6. Urm the Mad
  7. Love Divine
  8. Orpheus

You can stream “Love Divine” here, and watch the video for the track below.

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