Live Review: Squid / M(h)aol / Blue Bendy – Vicar Street, Dublin 25.10.2023 plus gallery

Squid returned to Dublin as part of their “O Monolith” tour, their second studio album. The band offered a previous show in the city back in May 2022. 

Following up on their acclaimed 2021 debut album, “Bright Green Field”, the five-piece returned with a more spacey and experimental new sound. 

The band had two supporting acts opening the night: M(h)aol and Blue Bendy. Similarly alt-indie in their outlook, they were both enjoyed by the crowd, although it made for a long wait for the headliners.

It usually is the case that when a band decides to take a new direction, there is chance for mixed reactions and the audience can become divided. In this case, it seems that the band managed to successfully connect with the crowd, but in a different way. The transitions between songs knitted the set and tightly captivated the crowd. There was room for breathing and moshing, equally. From couples dancing in the sides to energetically jumping in a see of people, there were several different ways of enjoying the show, perfectly orchestrated from the stage by the powerful kick off Squid. 

Check out the photo gallery of that night. 

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