Track: Border. – Double Rainbow

Here at Backseat Mafia we have written a number of times about the creative petri dish in Italy over the last few years, and this phenomena shows no sign of dissipating through the age of isolation. Bologna’s Border. (and no, the full stop is not a printing error, it’s part of the name) are, like Unruly Girls (another favourite we’ve covered extensively) purveyors of a distinctly electro-clash/punk genre – loud, brash, mouthy and very thrilling.

‘Double Rainbow’ is filled with urgent anger and a vibrant pulse – dynamic and circular, building up to a crescendo. It’s wild and uninhibited with the title repeated throughout – cynical, weary declarations over the thumping instrumental base. And along with the pulsating dynamism, there is a message of hope and support for LGBTQIA rights, and a message against any form of racism, social injustice and inequality. A fitting message for our times.

The accompanying video is an abrasive and blunt collage of cataclysmic events and people, which, while celebrating pride month, reflects on the nastier side of humanity that has impeded inclusivity and universal kindness:

Pulse-quickening stuff. Border. will releasing an EP in September this year. You can get this track through the link below:

Border. are the mysterious duo Demi Mire and Erika. And, according to the band, borders do not exist.

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