Track: Angus Legg Returns With Latest Single ‘Drugs With My Friends’ Ahead of 6-Track EP

Photo by: Kalos X @kalogenic

Naarm’s indie-pop virtuoso, Angus Legg, has orchestrated a triumphant return, unveiling his latest and arguably best work to date, the single ‘Drugs With My Friends‘. This compelling track marks the second release from a highly anticipated 6-track EP slated for later release this year.

Building on the success of his previous single, ‘Spaceship‘ accompanied by a visually stunning music video we premiered last year, ‘Drugs With My Friends’ serves as a seamless continuation. A feel-good anthem that resonates with the spirit of reclaiming autonomy and identity after a challenging breakup, the song navigates the emotional landscape of moving on from past relationships and heartbreak.

In the vibrant realm of indie pop brilliance, ‘Drugs With My Friends’ stands out as a must-add to your daily playlist, a tune that could easily find itself belted along to on the radio waves. Driven by layers of guitar and synth instruments, Legg’s vocals shine with effortless grace. However, the track is more than just a musical delight; it unfolds a narrative that explores the cathartic journey of healing from heartbreak and moving forward. The lyrics encapsulate the bittersweet nature of rediscovering joy after the tumult of a past relationship, offering a poignant reflection on emotional resilience.

Legg shares insight into the deliberate choice of the record’s title, emphasising its jarring nature to mirror the discomfort and upheaval inherent in the process of moving on. He describes ‘Drugs With My Friends’ as an anthem for those reclaiming their identity after the toxicity of a previous relationship—a celebration that’s fun, uplifting, and mildly debaucherous. Angus envisions people screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs, turning the track into a rallying cry for personal resurgence.

Co-written with the positive and highly collaborative Dylan J, ‘Drugs With My Friends’ was crafted with meticulous care. Legg praises Dylan J as a true professional capable of extracting wonderful elements from personal experiences. The track was recorded in Eora/Sydney, mixed by Dylan Nash—known for his work with artists like Dean Lewis and Meg Mac—and mastered by Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering, recognized for his contributions to projects by Genesis Owusu and Courtney Barnett.

In essence, ‘Drugs With My Friends’ is a triumph that solidifies Angus Legg’s position as a standout artist in Australia’s indie pop landscape. As we await the full EP’s release, ‘Drugs With My Friends’ sets the stage for an exciting chapter in Legg’s journey.

Photo by: Kalos X @kalogenic

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