Live Review and Gallery: A Night with The Toothpicks at Metro Lair, Showcasing the Best of Sydney’s Indie-Rock Scene – 24.11.23, Eora/Sydney

Last Friday night, the dark side alley beside Metro Theatre buzzed with excitement as Sydney’s indie music lovers made their way to the hidden gem known as the Metro Lair. A speakeasy vibe enveloped the intimate venue, overflowing with spirit and camaraderie. The occasion? A gig by the electrifying Sydney indie-rock band, The Toothpicks, who turned the night into a celebration of rock, energy, and pure enthusiasm.

The Toothpicks, consisting of frontman Harry, guitarist Rhys, bassist Jianne, and drummer Ollie, took the stage with an infectious energy that set the tone for the night. Their music, drawing inspiration from the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, and The Strokes, is a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair. The band released their first EP ‘Appetisers’ earlier this year, and recently emerged victorious in the Boom Clash Rockstar band competition, triumphing over 160 entrants from across New South Wales.

The gig wasn’t just about The Toothpicks, though. The supporting acts, Euterpe and Darling Street, added their own flavours to the night. Euterpe brought chaos to the stage, while Darling Street delivered a rocking performance that perfectly primed the crowd for the main act. The eclectic mix of bands showcased the diversity of Sydney’s indie music scene and left everyone eagerly anticipating what The Toothpicks had in store.

As The Toothpicks took centre stage, their loud and groovy tunes filled the Metro Lair. The chemistry among the band members—Harry, Rhys, Jianne, and Ollie—was so evident, each one bouncing off the other with infectious enthusiasm. The result was a musical experience that hit the audience like a ray of sunshine, igniting a collective groove that swept through the crowd.

The Toothpicks’ signature blend of indie rock fusion resonated as a massive hit, and their undeniable talent acted as a magnetic force, inviting everyone in the audience to join the revelry. Their sound, both nostalgic and contemporary, created a landscape that can appeal to such a broad audience—not only could you take your dad to see them, but also your best mates. The only thing that mattered was the moment and the music.

Looking ahead, The Toothpicks have more in store for us. Upcoming gigs include a performance at Marrickville Bowling Club on Saturday, 2 December, where they will be joined by Denim On Her and Junk. Additionally, the band will be supporting Dear Seattle & Teenage Joans at Crowbar Sydney on Sunday, 31 December. As The Toothpicks continue to captivate audiences with their dynamic performances, their journey through the Sydney music scene promises to be an exciting one and we can’t wait to see more.

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