Premiere: Not just a ‘Pretty Face’? Tasmania’s Lasca Dry reveals the dynamic video for her day-glo poptastic new single with a serious message.

We are very pleased to exclusively present Lasca Dry‘s hyperactive new pop single with a serious message, ‘Pretty Face’, and the amusing video accompanying the release.

Soaring along on a rampant melody and day-glo bright pop sensibilities, the song address a serious topic where people are judged purely on aesthetics and not the artistic content of their work or the finer qualities of their minds. Dry observes:

Often, for one reason or another, people will put down others they think are ‘pretty’ with the expression ‘not just a pretty face’. I wrote this song ironically, accusing myself of being that ‘dumb pretty girl’: (“How would I know? I’m just a pretty face”.) I wanted to show that regardless of a person’s appearance, their minds can grow and learn, teach, and share, discover, feel, and create with just as much thinking power as any other’s.

The video sees Dry preening and posturing before a camcorder in all her finery – playing up to expectations with a glint in the eye and a tongue firmly planted in cheek. The bright colours match the sparkling vivacious tune and the posing recalls (for me) the iconic modeling scene from Michelangelo Antonioni’s ‘Blowup’:

Pure expressive fun, ‘Pretty Face’ is out tomorrow and available to download and stream here.

In the meantime, Dry is a star on the ascension. She has appeared at major local festivals, such as
Dark Mofo, Junction, Great Escape, Pangea, and Day on the Lawn and has supported such acts as Weyes Blood, Paul Dempsey, Sly Withers, Didirri, Luca Brasi, Tim Rogers, Kyle Lionheart, and Davey Lane.

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