EP: Chasing Ghosts release EP Bring Me Suffering

Milton Keynes based British metal outfit ‘Chasing Ghosts’ are resurging with EP ‘Bring Me Suffering’ to be released 12th June. A union of haunting female harmonies and natural sombre strings, resulting in an evolution of all the darker elements in their already present sound since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album in 2018.

The three track EP shines with brilliant musicianship and finely crafted songs. ‘Until The End’ opens with a fantastic lead line and builds to a brilliant crescendo of strings and female vocals. ‘A Darker Place’ and ‘Bring Me Suffering’ encapsulate ‘Chasing Ghosts’ trademark sound with soaring strings and male/female vocal duets. The latter already covered by us here is the standout track.

Chasing Ghosts have really perfected their sound. Each instrument and note used is needed and everything is balanced just right with each instrument, vocals included, has room to enhance the track. ‘Bring Me Suffering’ sounds huge and Nelson Cancini’s vocals are just damn perfect. Wether singing with others or singing alone over the atmospheric rock the band have created his vocals standout.

Check out title track

Head over to the bands Website to find out more and pick up their EP

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