Track: Chasing Ghosts – Bring Me Suffering

British melodic dark-metal outfit ‘Chasing Ghosts’ have a new single & video released 22nd May with a full EP of the same name to follow on 12th June. 

Featuring the sorrowful melodies of Meghan Pettitt (ex The Eden House) Bring Me Suffering is a great atmospheric record full of dynamics broadening into prog metal and the interplay between male and female vocals works so well. Nelson Cancini’s vocals are superb, low and menacing but Pettitt adds a dimension that you didn’t know was needed. The musicianship is impressive and the middle piano and strings add a touch of theatrics before the epic guitar solo which although lasting half the song it enhances and weaves through out the vocals and strings.

The guys have crafted something here thats above the normal melodic metal. It’s epic fantasy written and played with some serious talent. Chasing Ghosts a band to watch out for.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band on their Website or Facebook.

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