The Caress, hailing from South East London and comprising of brothers Tom, Ben and Sam Easton, have released their third self-released single entitled ‘A Picture By The Thames In Winter’. Having previously been championed by Steve Lamacq and Gideon Coe, these lads are to be kept an eye on, as we will surely see more of them in the future.

With clear influence from Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, via bands such as The Wave Pictures and Girl Ray, with perhaps a hint of 80’s Shoegaze, The Caress create a spacious and relaxing atmosphere with this new single. With lyrics telling the tale of two lovers finding each other in the heart of London, the light rhythm section and vocal harmonies make for easy, enjoyable listening. The Caress build up to a climax in the latter quarter of the track, really bringing some passionate lead vocals to the mix, which rounds off the song nicely.

The video for ‘A Picture By The Thames In Winter’ can be viewed below, or can be listened to on Soundcloud by clicking here.