Ian Skelly’s new album, Drifter’s Skyline, is set for release on July 31st. Skelly starts the countdown to his second, feature-length solo record with the release of Captain Caveman, a time-stopping, bubble-gum hit of comic book gobbledygook.

Skelly says: “It came from an instrumental that Phil had figured out, so I threw some tongue-in-cheek, bubble-gum lyrics on it. It’s inspired by a mate of The Coral’s, Steve Adj, who’d be messing around in hotel rooms on tour, churning out these daft ‘dooby-dah’ songs. It’s like going back to being a kid.”

Just in time for summer this airy piece of guitar driven pop. Skelly sings “Sha Lang, Sha Lang, Oogum Boogum Rolling Stones, Flying Burritos  and Country Joe, Watch Captain Caveman save the day” over chorus drenched guitar it’s guaranteed so leave you relaxed and smiling.

Check it out, here

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