See: Kelly Lee Owens releases new video for ‘Melt!’

Elsewhere, ‘Melt!’ – one of the last tracks written for Inner Song – dives into the ever-pressing issue of climate change, right down to its structural composition: “I always need at least one techno banger in there to balance things out.” says Kelly Lee Owens of Melt!, one of the last songs written for her forthcoming second album ‘Inner Song’, out on May 1st via Smalltown Supersound, before continuing “I knew I wanted to create something that sounded hard with organic samples—one of those samples was melting glacial ice, another was people skating on ice. I felt those were great representations of what’s happening in the world. Every moment you’re breathing and sleeping, this is taking place.” 

The resulting Melt! prods and pushes the listener around, its ice cold beats (no pun intended – well, not much of one) shards of electronics stabbing into the hard edged techno beat, as the eerie, almost angelic vocal cut up, gives the track some direction, allowing this cascading electronic sound to take the lead after introducing it.

The accompanying video is directed by filmmaker Laneya Billingsley (aka Billie0cean), and creates a connection between our bodies and the earth, showing how the two are not separate. Take it all in, here

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