Gallery: The Orielles – Rocking Chair, Sheffield 29.04.2015

Surf-pop trio The Orielles came to Sheffield this week, along with a bunch of other weird bands, to continue their brief headline tour across the UK’s northern cities.

Long Limbs were up first, making me laugh more than I thought I would. They’re a fun band, and the fact that lead singer Peter forgot how the penultimate song goes proves that. The crowd didn’t seem to mind; they were simply amused as he made another attempt at it.
“I don’t know what to do when I’m not with you” was a line from their final song that made the biggest impression; a friend of the band even got up on stage to scream the final refrain.

Check out Long Limbs’ debut single ‘Amitriptyline’ here:

The Red Cords were up next, but not before a member of the audience shouted “fuck’s sake!” I don’t think this had anything to do with the night at hand, but it was enough to startle the band as they prepared for their set. These guys wer eless coherent but full of energy, shouting the lyrics rather than singing them. My ears were left ringing.

Lost Dawn were the third band of the evening. Their lead guitarist managed to break most of his guitar strings before the first song was through, playing with such intensity that it’s a wonder the remaining strings stayed intact. These guys are a little bit weird, but they led us back to something more familiar “this one is for anyone who likes glam rock!”

Finally, it was time for The Orielles. The room filled up within seconds when this band approached the stage, leaving me to wonder where they had all come from. Their latest single ‘Space Doubt’ received a big cheer, and lead guitarist Henry Wade startled the front row of fans by staggering off the stage and leaning on them as he played. This wasn’t enough for this mad musician, as he was soon picked up and carried high above our heads – still playing his guitar – almost hitting the ceiling of the Rocking Chair.

Esme and Sidonie, bassist and drummer, were more reserved in their performance, kicking back with those surf-pop vibes as the crowd went wild in front of them. It was the end to a surprisingly fun night, and the start of a pretty good adventure for The Orielles.


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