They originally performed the song to conclude their special livestream on April 17th for Stinkweeds Records to commemorate what would have been Record Store Day. Frontman Jim Adkins and the band were joined by Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino to perform a cover of Crooked Fingers’ “Call to Love”. It has now been released via RCA.

“I thought I’d take advantage of the fact that this isn’t live, and invite some other people to play with me,” Adkins said during the original livestream. “You’ll recognize Zach, our drummer from Jimmy Eat World… and I’ve also asked Bethany from Best Coast to sing with us. This is a song by a songwriter that I love a lot, Eric Bachmann, and his working project Crooked Fingers.”

Its a straight cover with the two voices and if anything it sounds brighter than the original. Jim and Bethany’s vocals really make this track and it really comes alive from the moment Bethany starts singing. A great song which is wonderfully performed and a reminder of what a great band Jimmy Eat World are and also it might be time to check out Best Coast for more of Bethany’s voice.

Check it out, here.