Helsinki based electronic wonderkid, DJ and producer Huoratron has released the track DDoS, ahead of the release of his Acid Reign EP, out on Last Gang records on July 7th.

Schooling himself as a dogmatic underground art concept, Huoratron limited himself to using Gameboys, using them up and getting them to spit out all manner of distorted and unexpected sounds. Juggling everything together, and maturing into using the technology has seen his work evolve, something which persuaded Last Gang to sign him up and add him to a roster that already includes luminaries such as Purity Ring and Crystal Castles.

Bordering on this almost hard house vibe, it has this driving techno beat that constantly reaches and passes over emotional highs and lows, but there’s an angriness about it, almost malevolent in nature. It the bassline that grabs you, shaking itself up through your shoes and around your body. Be afraid people, be very afraid.