Premiere: Rose Haze stun with the epic sweep of ‘Slow Decay’

If you haven’t heard of Kate Ramsey before, you’ve got plenty to catch up on, but her new song as Rose Haze is a good place to start. In just the last year, she’s released both a full-band album called Maximum Security Prism and an atmospheric instrumental counterpart called Contemplations in the Desert.

If you’re wondering which version of Rose Haze you get on their new song, it’s the former – this thing is a juggernaut, a slow-burn epic that’s at this weird intersection of shoegaze, dream pop and the funereal atmosphere of doom. All these elements of ‘Slow Decay’ work brilliantly across nearly six minutes, the sound fleshed out by Ruben Gonzalez on guitar, Yoko Miyakawa on bass and Dustin Coker on drums.

It’s a stunner – beautiful and unsettling. A standalone single for now, it could be folded into something bigger in time, with more new music on the way from Ramsey and co. this year. Tune in below:

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