PREMIERE: Fish and Scale – ‘You Can Call Me LOVE’: swoon for a folk troubadour’s embrace

Fish and Scale

HAILING from Franconia, in southern Germany, Roland Wälzlein is on a mission to bring us glowing, stirring folk as Fish and Scales – and we’re premiering his first, rather groovy and lovely, single of the year, “You Can Call Me LOVE” here today at Backseat Mafia.

As a child of 6, he underwent – and thankfully, survived – a serious heart operation. This life and death experience has stayed with him; like anyone who’s brushed with death, he has existential questions garnered from being out there at the very edges of existing, and these come through in his lyrics.

He came to a deeper understanding of the big questions when he attended a silent retreat; “That completely changed my understanding of life,” he’s said.

“You Can Call Me LOVE” stands not just as a song then, but as a manifesto – embrace life. Enjoy it while you’re here. Love it.

Roland describes his style as “independent folk music with a mystical touch.”. There’s little touches of The Tallest Man On Earth in that troubadour strumming, percussive beats on the soundbox, and the way he lofts his voice and sings out in pursuit of expression.

He’s getting a real fanbase now across his homeland and the Benelux countries, the result of some intense touring (before all of this, of course); he also contributed original music for the Amazon Prime production Key Lime Voodoo, which has just been released.

Roland says: “‘You Can Call Me LOVE’ tells a story about love for life, free expression, happiness and your unique inner radiance.

“The song stands for tolerance and respectful cooperation and roots in in the mystical secret of life.”

Fish And Scale’s new album will be available on all streaming platforms in the summer. Catch a ride now.

Connect with Fish And Scale at his website on Facebook and Instagram.

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