Austrian experimentalist Black (W)hole is already getting the leftfield brigade here at Backseat Mafia excited – the release of their forthcoming album Strange Worlds on March 5th has seen a few tracks shared for streaming over on their Bandcamp.

It is however the simplistic, yet hypnotizing video for single “The Shift” that has further caught our attention.

The droning, overarching guitar riff juxtaposed with neo-psychedelic, jangling instrumentation combined with the visualization used for single’s video is a beguiling marriage both audibly and visually.

At its crescendo, “The Shift” disintegrates into a fuzzy, drone finale as each melody stops competing against one another and backs down – as if both understand the concept of a sonic mutually assured destruction.

Heavy words and oxymoronic desciptions aside, Black (W)hole’s single doesn’t feel like a near nine minute track, which is a testament to how engrossing the whole package is.

Strange Worlds is released by Xtelyon Records on March 5th.