Premiere: Kelly Duplex release their scuffed-up, shoegazey version of ‘Here’s where the story ends’

Photo Credit: Kelly Duplex

Out now is the latest (and final) single to be taken to be taken from New Orleans-based three-piece Kelly Duplex’s forthcoming, self-titled album – out on February 12th via Strange Daisy, and their version of The Sundays classic ‘Here’s Where The Story Ends’. We’re absolutely delighted to be able to premiere the accompanying video right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the track and video, Shane Avrard from the band says “Here’s Where the Story Ends is our take on The Sundays’ 1990 jangle-pop classic. A piece of sugary songwriting perfection; melancholy and sweet with a little bit of cool distance. The whole ballad of the outsider veneer over the did-I-even-like you/keep my heartbreak to myself lyrics strikes me as VERY millennial, along with the seemingly prescient references to “a terrible year” which feel pretty relevant to the now whole year we’ve all just had.  For the video we worked with Brad Bartee, a UNO film school grad and avid tape/VHS collector who has done multi-projector light setups for shows in the New Orleans area. He definitely pulled some inspiration from late 80s Jesus and Mary Chain videos with his own style of shifting projections and varying lighting-color palettes.”

As expected, the song is still this dazzling thing of melancholy beauty, but some of the sheen has been scuffed away, and instead guitars bleed into eachother, and there’s a heavier, musically weightier imprint about it. That’s not to say it isn’t still brilliant, because it really is. It’s just different glitter sprinkled on it from a edgier pot.

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  1. April 23, 2022

    Hi, isn’t this your 2nd cover this particular Sundays track? , I discovered what I believe was your original studio recording of it on spotify, Replayed it over and over until it suddenly disappeared one day and eventually reappeared however not as I remembered… I love this one however …. the original… Am I crazy?.. if not is there any way to find it?…

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