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Second hand heart
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I used to be a big fan of the Australian Soap ‘Neighbours‘. Yes, I know it’s still on here in the UK, but now I have other things that occupy my mind. Like writing about Music and Art just about every waking hour for a start. But in my teenage years especially, they did a good line in trying to disguise very beautiful woman as maybe not so beautiful, and then unveiling them as the incredible ladies they were. Not that it could have fooled anyone at all when Kylie Minogue, or Charlene Mitchell of course, was a mechanic/handywoman/tomboy, who came good, especially on her wedding day. Even less believable was plain Jane superbrain Harris,  who despite appearing dowdy and mousey and shy, was still quite clearly a girl of exceptional beauty. So when, she downed glasses and ruffled hair to reveal her inner temptress (clearly, after she had left school), surprise! well, not really. Although I’m sure women everywhere danced a jig of glee at the inference that clever girls are therefore not pretty.

Second Hand Heart, like Neighbours,  are from Melbourne (If they come from the suburb of Erinsborough or not I don’t know) and are made of Female co-singers Jessica Carroll and Lily Parker, and are accompanied by bandmates John Waller, Chris Duffy and Michael Hanley. They’ve been compared to Big Scary and even the Smoke Fairies and have been everywhere playing shows with the likes of Nouvelle Vague singer Nadeah, Battleships and Hunting Grounds amongst others.

Their new single Hold On, is shows their delicious harmony laden pop/indie off to great effect. It washes over you, the hooks lapping against your ears gently, as it ebbs and flows from start to finish. More than that though, there’s this thinly veiled melancholy about it, and it builds to one great crescendo of sound. But underneath that, it’s still quite obvious how beautiful the track is.

We weren’t fooled by plain Jane superbrain, Second Hand Heart, and we won’t be fooled by you.

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