Live Review: Carla J Easton , MacArts , Galashiels , 02/07/2922

It is always a treat to find a gig at MacArts in Galashiels, particularly when it features one of Scotland’s most hardworking and innovative songwriters . It may feel a long time since Carla fronted the all girl group Teen Canteen however she has been prolific both as a solo artist and with her new combo Poster Paints.

Two recent shows in Cumbernauld and in Gala showed a desire to get away from the main hubs of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Recent public transport problems may have impacted audience numbers however those lucky enough to attend were treated to a spellbinding set . Surprisingly, Carla played with a four piece backing band and some numbers were heavier than the power pop of Poster Paints . This was an opportunity to hear songs live from the 2020 album Weirdo which was lost to some in the fog of lockdown . Tracks like Get Lost and Catch Me If I Fall showcase the power of Carla’s voice aided and abetted by a superb keyboard and synth arrangement.

Carla finished with a solo encore which highlights the paradox of the vulnerability and power of her voice. The audience had enjoyed a number of new tracks and Carla name checking Joni Mitchell , Tom Petty and Debbie Harry amongst others illustrated a complex list of influences which should appeal to a wider audiences. Finishing with the Teen Canteen classic Honey sent the old guard in the audience home happy. The good thing about being a fan of an artist with an incredible work ethic is that it won’t be too long a wait until next time.

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