Premiere: We Are Waves – SELVA

Backseat Mafia is honoured to premiere the new video from Italian post-punk/synthwave band We Are Waves for their blistering new track ‘SELVA’.

Brewed and percolated in lockdown conditions, the wave of innovative and very exciting music from Italy continues unabated in this track: a hybrid of electronic industrial drive and straight out indie rock. The insistent undercurrent of the rhythm section hosts synth stabs and a wildly oscillating guitar riff, with vocals that are urgent and emotive. The backing chorus adds a certain element of mystery and enigma.

There is a brilliant dichotomy between the pulsating bass and the shard like guitars that emerge towards the end of the song as it turns into a haunting outro – reminiscent of The Cure mixed with Cabaret Voltaire. There is darkness and brutality in the lyrics:

So you degrade yourself
So you will break your heart again
Misfit walking hurricane
In skin and bones

The lockdown-produced video is a series of clips that cover a range of human interactions ending in an eerie drive through the forests into the dark. A fitting depiction of our times, perhaps? Visceral raw beginnings, violence, unrest and human conflagration before love conquers all and an unknown future:

It’s confronting at first and yet segues into a sense of optimism. ‘SELVA’ is a distinctly energising and exciting single with elements of menace in its gothic tone and touches of melodic lightness.

We Are Waves, from Turin, are a very exciting outfit and seem part of a new wave (pardon the pun) of creative and innovative artists from Italy that I’ve reviewed before. Hard edged industrial electronica with a melodic soul and a rock’n’roll attitude. Look up We Melt Chocolate, Rev Rev Rev, Stella Diana, Varanasi, Unruly Girls and Border. to name but a few.

‘SELVA’ follows up We Are Waves’s 2018 well received release ‘Hold’.’SELVA’ will be out through Meatbeat Records and will be available from 14 July 2020 from here and from all download/streaming sites.

We Are Waves are Fabio Viassone (vocals and guitars), Cesare Corso(synths), Marco Di Brino (bass) and Adriano Redoglia (Drums)

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