News: Lady Bird Lad Releases New Single ‘More Than Enough’

Lady Bird Lad, the musical venture of Harry Hudson-Taylor, unveils his second single, ‘More Than Enough,’ the title track from his upcoming debut album.

‘More Than Enough’ seamlessly blends melancholy and upbeat tones, showcasing Lady Bird Lad’s ability to combine potent lyrics with a rich array of instruments, from vocals and synths to piano, bass guitar, and strings. The alternative folk-pop track, born during a lockdown collaboration with Belfast artist Jack Devlin, serves as a heartfelt conversation with a friend in times of struggle.

Lady Bird Lad took charge of the song’s production, with contributions from Brian Speaker (Speakersonic), renowned drummer Tom Osander, and mixer Ruadhri Cushnan. The result is a soulful and uplifting composition, resonating with themes of self-acceptance and unwavering support.

Reflecting on the song, Lady Bird Lad shares, “It signifies the journey of recognizing one’s inherent worth amidst life’s toughest challenges.” As ‘More Than Enough’ anticipates the debut EP, Lady Bird Lad’s music becomes a guiding light through the labyrinth of human emotions, reminding listeners that they are, indeed, ‘More Than Enough.’

Listen below:

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