News: Gabby Rivers Shines On New Single ‘Two Face’Form Upcoming EP

Suffolk indie singer-songwriter’s Gabby Rivers graces us once again with an electrifying sonic creation – her latest single, ‘Two Face’. A dynamic offering that gives an insight into the youthful flare and infectious songwriting that Gabby is capable of, the track is a captivating glimpse into her highly anticipated upcoming EP, ‘Disappointed But Not Surprised’.

At the age of 20, Gabby Rivers has already carved out an impressive presence in the local music scene, with appearances at the likes of Latitude, Reading and Leeds, Secret Garden Party, and Wildpaths Music Festival. Bolstered by the musical prowess of her 5-piece band, Gabby’s journey has been one of continual growth, drawing acclaim from the likes of BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6 Music.

‘Two Face’ stands as a quintessential showcase of Gabby’s signature blend of indie, rock, and pop sensibilities. Led by her infectious and youthful vocal delivery which dances above an explosive musical canvas, the robust drum beats, fuzzy distorted guitar melodies, grounded basslines, and resonant acoustic guitar create a punching backdrop. Gabby’s vocals exude an emotionally charged intensity, punctuating the track with a biting and impassioned performance.

‘Two Face’ strikes a harmonious balance between high-energy instrumentation, catchy melodies, and an anthemic chorus, providing a tantalizing glimpse into the forthcoming EP.

Speaking about the single, Gabby herself explains, “Two Face is about working in retail and one particular person causing havoc, they become the main cause of drama, talking about people but always being nice to their face and making a workplace unenjoyable. So, I wrote this song for people to scream after a bad shift and to know that yes, retail may be toxic but you’ve got to learn to ignore the haters.”

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Wolf Alice, Nothing But Thieves, and Florence and the Machine, ‘Two Face’ germinated as a simple acoustic melody within Gabby’s bedroom before blossoming into its present form during a band rehearsal.

As Gabby Rivers continues her trajectory towards success, her position as a burgeoning artist solidifies. ‘Two Face’ exemplifies her musical prowess and leaves us eagerly awaiting the entirety of the upcoming EP. In Gabby’s journey, the upward path continues, firmly cementing her status as an artist to watch out for.

Listen below:

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