Track: Banoffee shares new single and video for ‘Idiot’ with new album ‘Teartracks’ out 8 October

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Animated pop maven Banoffee has released new single Idiot with its accompanying lush, love-heart bed video, directed by Phebe Schmidt.  This follows previous single Tapioca Cheeks and comes with the announcement that the eagerly awaited album Teartracks will be out on 8 October.

Idiot, unlike the singer’s other wistful, mutated pop gems, is honest in its introspective simplicity, and its self-indulgence is not afraid to laugh at itself. The Teartracks album – essentially a break-up narrative written and recorded during COVID – is a step back from previously more polished Banoffee but is by no means poorer for the result.  And the theme is simple: This is a record to cry for lost love over, but not necessarily get over it in the same sitting. It invites you to wallow in the moments for as long as you need.

“Making this video was such a joy. Living out a dream I had about trolling tradies was such a fun experience and of course a moment on a love heart bed was crucial. ‘Idiot’ is about needing to stay indoors and be self indulgent, it’s about indulging in brattiness, with the help of my amazing creative team I think we made a version of that that’s really fun” -Banoffee

Banoffee has become known for music that addresses the heavy topics of heartbreak and trauma yet offers silver linings. It’s an approach that makes the Melbourne producer, singer and songwriter such a beloved pop export, bolstering her reputation as a smart, incisive writer. 

Teartracks draws inspiration from a moment in Banoffee’s life that came as something of a surprise. A quintessential, yet ecstatic breakup record, it’s not a tonic for a broken heart, rather a companion. Put simply: It’s the kind of breakup record Banoffee might have wanted when experiencing the heartbreak that inspired it.

Sweetly, the album is also a reclamation of freedom after being stuck in the vices of heartbreak. In spite of a breakup, some love will always endure: “I’ll hold your hand if you can’t stand, I’ll be your breath when it gets busy in that head,” she sings, “I’m always here.” It’s a patient, nuanced moment of kindness that’s revealing of the breadth and scope of Teartracks, despite the specificity of its subject matter.

Idiot is out now. Download and stream here.

Teartracks is released on October 8

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