The simple, shimmering and reflective tone of the delightful single ‘Ignore All The Hate (On Your Telephone)’ from Sydney band The Finalists (premiered by Backseat Mafia last week) is now beautifully matched by a laid back, black and white video treatment showcasing the band, all shadowy and enigmatic:

The old black and white movie footage interspersed throughout adds to the tone and augments the deep melancholia in the song. Lovely stuff.

The Finalists consist of heavy-weights of Sydney’s inner city indie music – scene singer/guitarist and songwriter Mark Tobin (Scarlet, Panic Syndrome, The Black Halo), guitarist Robert Young (The Wednesday Night, Semi Lemon Kola), bassist Chris Familton (Charlie Horse, Thorazine Shuffle) and drummer Matt Brown (Charlie Horse).

You can get the single, out now through Half A Cow Records, from the link below or through all the normal download/streaming sites.