See: James Alexander Bright cools the July heat as he invites you to ‘Drink This Water’

James Alexander Bright, photographed by Sean Strongitharm

!K7’S lo-fi rural psychedelic soul scion James Alexander Bright has emerged into the height of summer to slake our thirst with the Shuggie Otis-style leftfield chill of “Drink This Water”: nothing could be better than a deep draught of this tune, in which guitars laze, drum machines click and pop with the correct caress, James himself lofts like a July breeze. It’s got a homemade video to accompany it, and you can watch that below, in which the aquas and blues of the single artwork are curved and swirled into composition, intercut with James letting a tune roll out at home.

Written and recorded at home in verdant Hampshire on a sunny spring afternoon at home, James says: Water is everything: humans are moving vessels of water.

“My mind drifted off to an imaginary island in the sun with the thought of lapping tides and the heat on my skin. The chords to the song flowed out naturally, as if I’d already written it.”.

The track comes as a first glimmering ray of a new album for !K7, all created with loving care deep in the countryside of Southern England. With Skinshape operating just over the border in Swanage, Dorset, there’s a real notion that the area is a cradle of a very lovely, pastoral psych guitar chillout these days, far from the cut and thrust of the city.

James Alexander Bright’s “Drink This Water” is out now on digital streaming platforms via !K7.

Connect with James elsewhere on the web at his website, and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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