Track: Liv McLean delivers stellar sound with ‘New Pair of Eyes’.

Liv Mclean- New Pair of Eyes

Liv Mclean is a soulful jazz fusion artist , distinguished in sound by her wonderful versatile voice randing from raspy soulfulness to indie inflections. It’s no wonder that Tremorverse Records  are featuring her as an artist their upcoming compilation album by showcasing her truly lush yet groovy track ‘ ‘New Pair Of Eyes’. After announcing the news of their third compilation album earlier this year, debuting Alex Garla’s beautifully dank groove ‘No Love’, Tremorverse are hitting the ground running to cement Tremorverse Three as one of their greatest comps to date with the arrival of Liv’s stunning new track.
‘New Pair Of Eyes’ , is certainly a track that when heard for the first time is certainly reminiscent of a long tradition of blue eyed soul artists , with a particular likeness to Alice Russell. Pristine vocals, flawless harmonies and a warm, humane voice are what make the track stand out. The lockdown have McLean an opportunity to hone her singing songwriting craft , by parigin melodic phrases through her electric guitar and vocals resulting in a layered magical tapestry of an almost eerie soulful sound. It’s certainly makes her stand out as a soul artist, as this track alone proves her uncanny ability to fuse psychedelic soul , jazz fusion and indie softness all in one.

Without a doubt a ‘fresh’ star on the rise, ‘New Pair of Eyes’ by Liv Mclean is the second track from Tremoverse, in what promises to be a stellar compilation. Out now

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