Premiere: Chavez Cartel have a ‘Dead Weekend’ ahead – a rumbling, prowling thunderous onslaught that quickens the pulse accompanied, by UK/Australian tour news.

We are absolutely delighted to premiere the new single ‘Dead Weekend’ from Gold Coast indie band Chavez Cartel. ‘Dead Weekend’ is as satisfying as anything produced by an illicit organisation with the same level of malevolence and threat attached. Opening with a reverberated voice, the track begins to prowl and circle with intent – an ominous guitar begins to chug under the vocals and like a spark turns into a fire, the song slowly builds up with a threat level at maximum. It becomes an out of control careering monolith filled with thunder and seething anger.

As the track reaches a crescendo, the drums pound like a sledgehammer and the guitars scream and wail with outrage. An absolutely cathartic onslaught, ending breathlessly in a feedback collapse.

Think of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, throw in a little Nick Cave and a dash of a louche, sneering leather jacketed attitude and you have a sense of what to expect. It’s deliciously dark, dramatic and barely in control with a touch of bacchanalian hedonism thrown in. The band says of the track:

‘Dead Weekend’ is all about deep self-reflection. It’s about everything we have been through to get us to where we are now – the current version of ourselves. No matter how low we allow ourselves to go in life, it’s always ultimately up to us to pick ourselves back up, and it’s also up to us on how high we are able to climb. Dead Weekend is all about that. And if you’re to look at that notion fully, it’s also up to us how to decide how low we allow ourselves to fall in the first place. Dead Weekend is brutal in its take on self-accountability, but it admits that it’s all part of the act. The title of the song is sort of like a grim way of looking at growing the fuck up and sorting out your life from the pit of the stomach. When we are younger, we tend to live for the weekend but Dead Weekend is about the stage of life a little later on when we’re looking to live for a lot, lot more.

The result is a gothic-tinged stomp in Doc Marten boots with a serious message about development and growth:

‘Dead Weekend’ is out on 3 March 2023 and you can pre-save the release here.

Chavez Cartel have signed with the prestigious End Of The Trail Creative Records in the UK and unveiled gigs both in Australia and the UK:

Thu 16 Mar | Oxford Art Factory, Sydney Nsw

Supporting The Reytons

Sold Out

Sat 29 Apr | Jimna Rocks, Jimna Qld|

Tickets Available From Www.Eventbrite.Com.Au | All Eventbrite Outlets

Tue 9 May | The Good Mixer, Camden London Uk

10-13 May | The Great Escape Festival, Brighton Uk

Sat 3 Jun | Moondoll Festival, Brisbane Qld

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