See: Fufanu frontman Kaktus Einarsson reveals video for new solo single ‘Kick The Ladder’

Icelandic post-punk Fufanu frontman Kaktus Einarsson has revealed that his solo album ‘Kick The Ladder’ will be out on May 21st via One Little Indian, and he’s just released a new video for the title track.

This ominous sounding guitar riff emerges from atmospheric electronics at the beginning of Kick The Ladder, and as it steps into the light so little melodic fragments begin to weave in and out of eachother. Over the top Einarsson vocal reveals its stories and meanings as it wanders forward, the reassuring melody always accompanying you. It’s quite lovely.

Of the accompanying video, Einarsson says “The video is a collaboration between me, SnorriBros and Tomas Tomasson. We set out to create a series of music videos for the album that would all be in a dialogue with each other where the final product is an installation with them all, and this is the first one to appear. I’ve worked with SnorriBros before and knew that they would be great partners. As film makers it’s impossible to put them into a box of one style and they manage to develop ideas in a beautiful way. Tomasson I had not worked with before, but knew his work, mostly with artist Ragnar Kjartansson (including the piece ’The Visitors’), so when SnorriBros suggested him, that was a no brainer. We decided to shoot the video with anamorphic lenses in a super wide ratio… that wide that we would actually fit two frames in one 16:9 widescreen. By doing that we expanded our creative possibilities of filming and then editing the videos. With me in the video you can see one of the SnorriBros, Einar Snorri. He’s a former break-dancing champion. You can google him and see some crazy cool moves from the 90’s.There’s a rumour about Einar Snorri that he is actually from another planet so when I went to pick him up to do location scouting, I drove into a landscape with this weird metallic hut, and out came Einar Snorri. I was so amazed that I said “this is the location for the video! Is this the spaceship you came to earth with?”. Einar Snorri just smiled.”

Check it out, here

Kick The Ladder is out May 21st via One Little Independent.

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