Exclusive: Emma Kupa records ‘Nothing at All’ live in session for Backseat Mafia

We’ve long been in the thrall of Emma Kupa, through all of her incarnations and all the collaborators she’s worked with over the years. Pretty much the first thing we ever wrote on the site for a long lost and forgotten series was something on Sheffield indie darlings Standard Fare, but since then she’s gone on to consistently show the formidable songwriter she is, and possesses one of the most persuasive indie voices around.

She’s gearing up to release her debut solo album ‘It will come easier’, out September 18, 2020 via Palo Santo Records (US) and Fika Recordings (EU). We’ve already shared our love for ‘Nothing at All’, and Hey Love, and we were absolutely delighted when Emma agreed to record the former for us live in session.

Check out her in full flow, with one of our favourite tracks of the year in her garden, and don’t get us started on her dog and his/her penchant for apples. As ever, please like comment, share and subscribe, both so we can continue to bring you the best new, established and forgotten artists in session, but also share brilliant music everywhere

Pre-Order “It Will Come Easier”
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