Premiere: Ardz Shares Lyric Video For Track ‘Dancing In The Rain’

London artist Ardz has released the lyric video for his new track ‘Dancing In The Rain’ which is taken from his first EP ‘C.O.I. Dance to the Apocalypse, Please’. We are pleased to be premiering the video here at Backseat Mafia.

Ardz states: “It’s a song for our times, how one day we’ll be cherishing something as basic as rainfall. The need to overcome our collective ego and really change the way we live has never been greater. If not, we’ll be doomed to our destiny…”

Written a couple of summers ago – when the weather was already too hot by British standards – it began in a dry London park. The first rain for weeks came. 

Instead of umbrellas going up, people raised their arms embracing and relishing the downpour. Children ran around and danced. Dogs jumped and bit the drops.

It was joyful, but also left a horrible feeling. It was a vision of the future. 

The rest of the song came on the peaks of the Scottish highlands while experiencing some profound ‘natural insights’. Standing over Loch Ness, the connection with the surrounding nature drove home a message; we must defeat ourselves in order to prevail from the hellscape we’re creating.

Strung out chords over arena sized drums and Ardz brooding vocals go together to create this classic guitar track. An epic rock ode with the repetitive four word chorus becoming a mantra of sorts. An apocalyptic rain chant very much needed again.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Ardz’s Facebook

Stream or purchase the EP here

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