Track: Bryan Estepa: Trick of the Light

Sydney musician Bryan Estepa has impressive song-writing style that is certainly Beatlesesque in delivery, while maintaining his own distinctive delivery and style. His new single ‘Trick of the Light’ showcases his smooth vocals with an extraordinary range as well as the lush and sparkling instrumentation.

‘Trick of the Light’ is infused with a deep melancholia and is beautifully melodic with heartfelt lyrics. Estepa says of the track:

I like the idea that the presence of light does not necessarily signal happiness or life but can also mean that emotions and perception can be blurred by its appearance.

You can stream/download the single here or get through the link below:

Born in Cubao, Quezon City in the Philippines, Estepa and his family moved to Sydney, Australia in 1987. It was there, at the age of 15, that he began to pursue the craft of songwriting before starting his adult musical journey fronting indie pop band Swivel in the late-90s pub scene. 

You can catch Estepa playing with two other Backseat Mafia favourites, The Electorate and Buddy Glass in Sydney in February at the marvelous Petersham Bowling Club:

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