Premiere: Don’t Get Lemon reveal majestic gothic EP, Forward Not Forgetting

Out tomorrow on Los Angeles / Washington DC label a la carte Records is the new EP from Austin and Houston trio Don’t Get Lemon (DGL). Called ‘Forward Not Forgetting’, it’s out tomorrow (February 13th) to stream and also via a lovely cassette release and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today.

On the EP, the band told us “Forward Not Forgetting progresses from the lofi electronic post punk sounds of our first EP, grey beach, into a more danceable pop direction while retaining darker undercurrents and themes. We think it is definitely a sign of things to come.” 

Opening up with ‘Motion with no name’, Don’t Get Lemon show their considerable hand. It’s all dark alt-indie, with strains of goth rock and synth-pop all blended into a rather dystopian, melancholy outlook. Think, Editors, with a little more black eyeliner and a touch more glam, and your somewhere close. Yeah, that good.

Follow on, S.I. continues in the same vein, showing the band are much more than one melody fraudsters, as they make damn good pop songs, just wrapping them in black before posting them out there, and Dreaming In Concrete, brings samples and Faith era Cure like backing to their danceable post-punk proceedings.

Futures lost sees the band traverse, glide even, through New Order Territory, with a bubbling synth heavy banger (well, y’know, like a alt-synth-rock banger if that’s such a thing) before closer Idle Eyes steps back into the shadows, an all enveloping, echoey, stripped back, gothic gem.

You don’t need skinny black jeans, pointed boots and black nail varnish to enjoy Forward Not Forgetting. In fact, you don’t need anything. But you do need it in your lives.

Check it out in its complete glory, here

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