West London-based reggae producer Jstar, apart from earning a stamp of approval from legendary tastemaker David Rodigan, has returned with a new single, ‘Bad Boy Stepping’, and he’s drafted in another legend, Jamaican MC Ranking Joe. It’s the second single to be taken from his recent ‘Stand to Order’ album, and it has Freedo, Dreadsquad and Mo’Matic on the remix duties.

Its a heavy-bass rocker, and it swaggers its way through, coloured by the brass – versatile NZ trombonist Gareth Thompson Darling and Jazz trumpeter Alex Manuel Figuera, who switch between the sultry and the spiky in an instant. Over the top Ranking Joe is in the spotlight, delivering his thoughts on bad boys world wide and the need for them to change.

Check out the video, gun heavy cut ups of bad boys and imagery taken from films and cartoons old and, well, generally even older.