Live review: The Chats / Chubby and the Gang / Dennis Cometti – 3Olympia, Dublin 22,04,2022

Tonight its a full on assault to the senses from three of the finest new generation Punk bands, those being Dennis Cometti / Chubby and the Gang & headliners The Chats.

So first out tonight were Perth’s Dennis Cometti and all sporting matching shorts and tops. The tops being what I think are a rugby style. The band is a side project for Mitch (Drums) Alex (Guitar) and John (Bass) as they are member’s of other bands and they play as you’d expect a fast paced punk where most songs don’t every reach the two minute mark. The crowd is trickling in as they play and a small mosh pity is forming. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on any set lists tonight from any of the bands.
So this review is going to be like most of the songs fast and short.

Dennis Cometti.

Second band of the night is the eagerly anticipated London Punks! Chubby and the Gang who had planned to play in Dublin at another venue late last year, but due to Covid restrictions that had to be called off.
The venue has filled up a lot more now and it is split in two the old punk generations opting for the seated balcony and the younger new generation choosing the down stairs standing and that mosh pit is getting even bigger.
Charlie “Chubby” Manning-Walker hit the stage like a man possessed prancing up and down and giving lots of hand gestures through out their again fast paced set. These gestures consisting of imitating slitting his throat and egging on the crowd, at one point Charlie declaring that Maegan is the best! Bass player on the planet and also heard to say who’s says punks aren’t classy, look at this place balconies and chandeliers.
The last two songs sees Charlie taking out a harmonica for a brief spell in both songs.

Chubby and the Gang

Its the turn of tonight’s headliners all the way from the sunshine coast Queensland Australia. Eamon sporting a The Cavemen t-shirt and his mullet is gone, Josh in a Thin Lizzy (Jailbreak) t-shirt, Matt’s I couldn’t make out.
Again its another fast paced set and by now the crowd have formed an even bigger mosh pit and are keeping the venues security on their toes with a few being pulled from the mosh pit and escorted out of the centre area, some pints were seen to be flying through the air during their set and one or two at the stage, if it wasn’t pints its was t-shirts being hurled back and forth, but hey what’s a good punk gig without the odd flying pint! at least these days they are in plastic glasses. For the most all are being well behaved and looking out for each other so really no harm done.
Eamon’s word of the night is the Cs word! with the like of, its great to be here you Cs, I love Dublin you Cs and at one stage Josh informing the crowd that back home its a term of endearment so not to be offended.
As I mentioned earlier I didn’t get my hands on any set list, but the guys coming to the end with Eamon stating that they are at their last song of the night and wont be doing the whole rock star thing of leaving and coming back they stated into Pub Feed after which Eamon crunched up his set list and threw it out into the crowd.

The Chats

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