Racing out of the starting bocks with a thumping glam stomp, the new single ‘Hot Money’ by Manchester-based Children of the State is a glorious blast of fresh air and attitude.

There is a dark tone throughout the reverb-soaked track, highlighted by the heavy insistent thunder of the rhythm section and the themes of greed – the band says it’s a sleazy observation of greed and hyper-capitalism with a German bridge which describes cash as the science of the entire world.

Produced by Ian Skelly of The Coral, the track is relentess, heavy and entirely cathartic – mixing an electronic spine with fuzzy, dirty squalling guitars:

The track comes off the band’s forthcoming EP entitled ‘Tragic Carpet and the Magical Wasp Gang from Notre Dame’. I’m looking forward to the story behind that title. You can download/stream the single here.

Feature Photograph: Liv Kenny