Meet: Robert Hampson from legendary noise rockers Loop

Loop’s brutal riffs and brand of literate indie rock built them a cult following in the late ‘80s.

Despite three successful albums and well received Peel sessions they imploded in 1991 before intense fan pressure encouraged them to reform in 2013. Ahead of a short string of dates Paul Clarke caught with the last founder member Robert Hampson who now lives in France.

So what can people expect from this gig?

Obviously some old material that they will know, and we be playing some new tracks from the forthcoming EP which is released in two weeks. This gig will be loud.

We hear there have been a few changes in the line-up.

At the moment we have Wayne Maskel and Hugo Morgan from a band called The Heads so that is the rhythm section. We have a new guitarist called Dan Boyd, who has fitted in very well, and I’m the only original member left now. It’s more about the music than the personnel.

Do you have fond memories of Loop first time round?

It was a good time as the music scene was really active and lot of good things were going on. Loop always found a place although we weren’t directly linked to the other bands around at the time. I have very fond memories, and I’m happy with the previous records, plus we played a lot of shows travelling the world. I like to look forward as well as you can’t rest on your laurels.

What can you tell us about the new stuff?

The plan at the moment is to record three of what I like to call EPs, but are actually mini albums as they are of that length. The first is called Array 1, second is Array 2 and then Array 3 so we are keeping it simple.

What can people expect?

They are kind of connected, and I thought it was nice to walk away from the standard album format as Loop in its past was well thought of in the way we released EPs. It was kind of continuing that and doing something a bit different. After the EPs I don’t what the future holds for us but we will be thinking of other things.

Do you think your new fans will get it?

For me with these three EPs it is like throwing a bottle into the ocean with a message in it so people can come and find it, if they like it they can follow up with another . It’s like a missive!

Loop play the Trades Club Hebden Bridge on Thursday 18 June, Liverpool Kazimier Fri June 19 and supporting Mogwai at Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom on Saturday June 20.



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