See: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes return with brand new single ‘My Town’ featuring Joe Talbot

Punk rock behemoths Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have returned to our airwaves with scathing new track ‘My Town’.

The new single is the first offering of new music since their 2019 album End of Suffering, and if this track is anything to go by, things are heading in a more modern punk direction.

Speaking to NME about ‘My Town’, Carter explains, “It’s a song about the collective mental health of the world right now and how it’s easier to start watching the world around you start crumbling before you ever take a hard look at your own stability and fragility,“.

Featuring the mighty Joe Talbot of Idles fame, the song is a pure kick in the teeth and a delight to shout and scream. I predict this one will be an absolute storm in a live setting, and hopefully we won’t have to sit around too long before we can experience it like that.

Watch the video for ‘My Town’ below:

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