Track: Plastic Skin release dreamy new single, ‘No Plans’

After a year of aimlessly making plans, wether it be work or personal , has proven to be exhausting given the world pandemic. So to finally have an opportunity to not make plans, as things start to open up in the world is a sign of relief. So is the brand new track ‘ No Plans’ from newly created group ‘ Plastic Skin’ ; it’s a breath of fresh air , catchy and wonderful for all the right reasons. Plastic Skin is a brand new project comprised of Donovan Ferra of Fallen Roses, Mexico’s Eduardo Lopez, and newcomer Jorge Porragas. Their sound is a mixture of genres and influences oscillating between lo-fi beats, bossa nova, jazz, r&b and Latin music. The trio’s debut single ‘No Plans’ is due for release on 21st April via Majestic Casual. It’s a track that you want to listen to in the background, in your car finally driving towards that beach, escaping into the kind of bliss you craved for. Showcasing the multiple talents of its members, one shouldn’t miss out on the simplicity of the track, as the crafty layers of harmony and melody clearly showcase the band’s ability to step away from the musically challenging into the poppier more catchy sounds. As the band have said themself of ‘ No Plans’ , ” The song has a very lighthearted, chill vibe but with a little more complexity and energy.” 

No plans is out on all major platforms, listen below

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